Modernising the online presence of a world leading producer of ethically sourced rare gemstones

We combined headless technology with an intuitive WordPress backend, which enabled us to transfer pre-existing product data into a modern, sophisticated and engaging website.

The Team

A tight deadline saw up to six developers working on the site at any one time in order to build a huge array of flexible content blocks, unique templates and complex data relationships.

Data Transfer

The previous iteration of the Gemfields website housed some 450 products and 150 news articles. We structured the new site so it could accommodate the import of this data without the need to manually edit each article, whilst ensuring the new design aesthetic could be fully realised, without limitation.

Interactive 3D Elements

The site featured 3D illustrations with interactive hotspots to allow the user to explore…




Spring 2021

Services and Tech

  • Front-end Development
  • Headless Technology
  • WordPress CMS