Formerly Known

Type foundry website for renowned LA-based design studio, Hype Type

We worked with Hype Type studio to develop a website for their new type foundry, Formerly Known.

Custom type testers allow visitors to visualise the foundry’s typefaces in different weights and sizes. Users can easily input custom text, adjust parameters such as letter and line spacing, and explore how alternate stylesets render on screen.

The entire Formerly Known catalogue is available to download in a trial pack to evaluate and test before purchasing.

The site was built on a headless techstack of Shopify, DatoCMS and Next.js.

We developed a custom shopping cart and customer account area. A FK branded (but universally recognisable) Shopify checkout page, with the option to use express checkout, completes the buying process.


Formerly Known


Spring 2024

Services and Tech

  • DatoCMS
  • Ecommerce
  • Front-end Development
  • Headless Technology
  • Shopify