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In 2018 we started working closely with designer and typographer Mark Bloom. Our first collaboration saw us creating a mini-site for his new typeface: Aeonik.

This paved the way for CoType Foundry and a selection of brand new fonts that were released the following year.

At time of writing, the website houses 13 typefaces, 11 of which can be purchased (the other two are free to download). The website features custom type-testers that allow users to experiment with each typeface before buying.


The website is powered by WordPress + WooCommerce. In order to accomodate the multiple versions of each typeface (desktop, web and app) and varying licensing levels, we created a bespoke add to cart process for creating an order. A custom registration form allows potential customers to access trial packs for the entire font library free of charge, whilst gathering crucial lead data for the business.

“I have been working with Hambly Freeman for many years now and on numerous web projects. They are hugely knowledgable team of developers who’ve been able to handle any challenge thrown at them, often exceeding my expectations.”

Mark Bloom from

Mash Creative


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